Training with the CEO

Training with the CEO

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Start your business with knowledge from one who has done it!! Each individual selection will help you determine what you are looking for please book the service you need you can email me if you have questions or concerns before your purchase!! However your questions an answers are limited you must book a consultation!! 

We Offer multiple packages!

Marking packages includes

Website site design, photo shoot , Flyers , Social Media Set up & Business cards!! Signs ect 

Knowledge is Power package includes 

Ways to get Business Credit Started ,Business credit cards to fund your business. How to qualify an were to go to apply an how they effect your personal verses business credit!! How to do tax write offs an apply certain things to your taxes under your Business!!! How to apply for loans I work with a loan offers an a bank!! 

Starter Package includes 

How to get your EIN number along with helping you apply to get it! ,Filling your LLC , an additional numbers for accounts you will need!! Please NOTE With this package the LLC price is not included this is only to file your EIN number if you wish to file LLC at the time of conducting your EIN the filling fees will then be due up front!!


Vending packages 

This package will Include ways to find vending machines were to purchase tools you need what you need to know about the machine how to get contract business to place your machine there the resources you need to get started! What some businesses require you to have when housing there location!! Were yo get your vending machines wrapped were to purchase goods what to say an not to say when conducting business with the insurance company about your machine an what insurance you need for your Machaine were to purchase card swipes how they pay out!! Labels you need Ect I will completely help you get started one on one until it’s complete!! Trust the process!! Unfortunately at this time eye Lash machines are excluded!!